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Consumer loans
Get up to 500 thousand soms loan
Up to 500 thousand
amount of credit
Up to 36 months
credit term
From 31.68%
interest rate
Up to 24 hours
approval time

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Each of your projects can become a reality thanks to our consumer loans. We are ready to help you realize your deepest desires and achieve financial independence.

Consumer loans are issued to individuals with a stable income in the form of wages or entrepreneurial activity in various fields of commercial activity.

Regular clients with a good credit history are offered a flexible approach to security and interest rates.

Interest (annual rate)
from 31.68% to 37.20%
Loan terms
from 3 to 36 months
Amount of credit
from 20,000 to 500,000 som inclusive
up to 150,000 soms without guarantee and collateral;
guarantee up to 500,000 soms;
For repeat clients with a good credit history - a flexible approach to collateral.

Annual effective interest rate: from 37.37% to 45.02%.

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